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J&P Service Co provides different types of boilers and furnaces. The difference between boilers and furnaces is that boilers will heat water, providing either steam or hot water through baseboard radiators or pipes for heating purposes, while furnaces heat air and subsequently distribute the heated air throughout one's home via ducts. Furthermore, our hot water boilers produce less heat than our steam boilers but are also more energy efficient as a result. J&P Service Co provides boiler and furnace inspections if you feel that yours might be damaged. We also repair broken furnaces and boilers as well as retrofit them. These upgrades will serve to increase their energy efficiency. However, generally speaking, older furnaces and boilers are less safe and energy efficient than newer models.

If you wish to replace your furnace or boiler entirely we can do so by installing a brand new, high, low, or mid efficiency, state-of-the-art boiler or furnace–depending on your unique needs. The annual fuel utilization rate (AFUE) will evidently depend on the unit you choose, but we will recommend the best heating solution for you depending on your financial, health, and comfort needs and desires. For instance, we may install an all-electric boiler or furnace for you if saving energy is your number one priority because they are highly energy efficient. However, they can also cost more in terms of your electric bill if you live in a part of Houston where electricity costs are high: in which case we wouldn't recommend them.

J&P Service Co can also provide you with a highly energy efficient heat pumping system if you live in an area of Houston where heating and cooling needs aren't substantial. A heat pumping system is an alternative to air conditioners and furnaces. Moreover, they use electricity to move heat away from cool spots and into warm sports. This process will make cool spots even cooler and warm spots even warmer. Since heat pumps move heat around instead of actually generating it they end up being 4 times more energy efficient than furnaces and air conditioners. In addition, J&P Service Co provides different kinds of heat pumps, including gas fired heat pumps, mini-split heat pumps (if your home doesn't have ducts), air source heat pumps (if they do), and geothermal heat pumps. Our geothermal heat pumps are either water or ground sourced, which means they transfer heat either via a nearby water source or between the ground and your home. Our geothermal heat pumps also have low operating costs because they take advantage of the general stability of water and ground temperatures in and around residences.

We welcome our customers questions, comments, and suggestions to insure your experience with our company is the best possible. We appreciate your interest and look forward to earning your business.

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